The Motivating and Succesful Life of Susan Packard

Susan Packard is a story of a successful and motivating American author who has been involved in various scripts ranging from Television to book series. It talks of the legendary Susan Packard an executive and most celebrated business Woman who has been recognized with numerous awards for exemplary efforts to educate and mentor women to be successful in the society. She has authored many inspirational books including the famous New Rules of the Game which advices, encourages and motivates in many ways. She has been involved in running various TV scripts. Susan Packard

Susan Packard additionally tells us of a dedicated and well-conformed educationist, who has spent most of her time on producing scripts for TV channels. She got a chance to attend the prestigious Michigan State University to pursue her first degree in Advertising. This is after spending most of her childhood days in Detroit, Michigan where she was born and brought up. Susan Packard shows an exemplary and ambitious woman who learned the value of hard work and dedication from her father when she was working for his company. Susan Packard started working for her father’s mailing business while still at secondary school. These shaped her for the future. She later graduated with Masters Degree in Advertising from the same institution and proceeded for her Executive program at The University of Virginia, which saw her land her first job in Burke Marketing Research.

Susan Packard followed Susan’s career commencement where she steadily scale the heights after becoming a fundamental intellect during the commissioning of Home and Garden Television (HGT) where she was positioned as Regional distributing manager. She steadily rose the ranks to eventually become the Vice President of Scripps Network Interactive. Her success will not be complete before mentioning the numerous awards she been endowed with. She becomes the first woman Board of Churchill Downs. Other awards include Tribute to Women Award, Women in Cable and Telecommunications Woman of the year Award and Scripps William R. Award.

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